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Thanks to all for providing me their exposed lists and to those who helped in providing advice on a few selections. It really did show me that my logic was accurate in most cases.

I have had a few GMs approach me on trades. Apologies for not dealing at all during the selection process but I felt that for me, to simply select out right first was best course of action, due to league time restraints and my own active life… work trips, daughters race car, other daughter home from college, still doing some refing etc.

TRADE REQUESTS: Below is what you need to do/consider if you expect to get deals done with me.

My VGK Vision is simple… 2 things …. deep playoff run and build for the future.

My 4 tasks to get there:

  1. This team needs some top line talent offence and defence.
  2. We are almost #12Mil over $76Mil cap so I need to be fiscally responsible in this area.
  3. I still need to fill out roster requirements, this will mean me trading down in some cases to find more two-way contracts. And that could also help with #2.
  4. Acquire some good-looking prospects for the future development.

When I approach GMs, I bring the names of players I have to offer as well as the names from you that I am interested in. I would appreciate the same approach in return. I’m not fond of the “sniffing” technique. Be honest and up front … Who do you want and what do you want to pay. If your offer falls in line with the 4 points above, you stand a better chance in striking a deal.

Thanks Again,

GM Coss - VGK