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2018 Winter Classic Preview (Day 75)


Historic Wrigley Field, the home of Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs, is the host of one of two of this year’s 2018 Winter Classic’s, the event will mark an annual BFHA tradition at the approx. 75 day mark. A key Central division match-up will be played outdoors next week and 2 critical points will be on the line. The game will take place and feature two star studded line-ups. The Blackhawks play three home games at the United Center leading up, while the Jets play a pair of road games in Vancouver. It will capture an urban landscape featuring Chicago Deep Dish Pizza themed restaurants around streets adjacent to the rink.

Frigid temperatures and outside ice necessitate certain preparations for the 2018 Bridgestone BFHA Winter Classic between the Winnipeg Jets and Chicago Blackhawks. Some of them in earnest; the hand warmers and extra insulation. Some of them in jest, like a Snowmobile suit that was ordered by Jets forward Kyle Turris for goaltender Jonathan Quick on Amazon and handed over as a joke by his teammates last week, and a balaclava and Ski goggles worn at practice this week by Blackhawk forward Ryan Kesler. “It’s all fun and about family but there are critical points to be had”.

The theme continues the annual efforts to tie the game presentation into the area where each outdoor game is played. "Here in Chicago, we are theming it Pizza and everything that goes along with that," BFHA executive vice president and chief content officer Jogh Snowe said Wednesday. "It's going to be amazing to see and there will be no question from the look and feel of the game that it is being played in this city." The city and visitors are not only hungry for Pizza but we’re starving for a BFHA championship.

Though the playing surface has been installed, work on field is just beginning. It is a transformative process that requires vision and many, many hours of work.

"I will invite anybody to find a blade of grass," Snowe said, looking out at the playing surface covered by decking. "We cover every inch of the stadium and transform the stadium so that when people do walk in and they have their ticket -- and even if they come to 50 Cubs games a year -- they are watching something that is completely different than anything that they have experienced at Wrigley Field.

"The entertainment will also have a Chicago feel."

Let’s break down the Rosters a bit. Currently Hertl is out of the Blackhawks lineup but expects to be healthy next week and play. The Hawks are a very experienced Team but are not as old as some expect. Average age of roster is just under 25. Toews who is a Winnipeg native is expecting approx. 500 family and friends from the North to make the trip down. Corey Crawford will likely get the start in goal.

For the Jets Cam Ward has seen the bulk of the starts this year and is the early favorite to start. The team has made a few significate moves over the past few weeks and can match-up against the strong Blackhawks every step of the way.

It is sure to be a great game. Stay tuned for a follow-up article following the game.